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pro‹tag› is a content management system which was developed since 2007. It's tiny, easy integratable into website designs and extendable with plugins.


What are the main features of pro‹tag›?

  • freedom for webdesigner
    The dynamic by pro‹tag› generated content is integrated into the website layout with small PHP snippets.
  • frontend instead of backend
    Administrate the website over an Ajax frontend directly above the editable content. There is no external graphical backend for administration.
  • plugin interface
    Special functions for generating content are implemented with plugins. There is enough space for individual blogs, galleries and much more!
  • fast and tiny
    The pro‹tag› core is small, special needs are implemented by plugins which are only loaded if they are really necessary.  Therefore pro‹tag› can deliver single pages fast.
  • theme editor
    Change plugin themes in your browser with the theme editor.
  • less requirements
    pro‹tag› just needs a minimum PHP version 5.2 and MySQL version 5.1 or PostgreSQL version 8.x.


Can I download pro‹tag›?


pro‹tag› is allready running on a few websites, but there is still no version for publishing. Whether there will be one in the future remains uncertain.