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The cycling trip

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Hello, I'm Binni - a long-term traveller. In August 2021, I set off on a cycling trip from Germany on “the Beast”. Duration and concrete route unknown so far. Very roughly, the idea so far is to ride further and further east. First to Japan and then maybe further. I'm not racing, nor am I taking the shortest or most difficult route. But I do it slowly, spontaneously and without a guidebook. Of course there are a few destinations I would like to visit, but we'll see if that works out. Otherwise, I'm happy to receive tips from the wonderful people I meet along the way.

Photos and reports from the trip are available on the blog, unfortunately only in German. You can see the route so far on the map below. You can subscribe to news via Instagram or Twitter.


Latest map update: 22.09.22

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Numbers of the first 411 days

  • cycled distance:

    16.539 km

  • fought uphill:

    154.619 m

  • Countries visited:



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